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Why it is a bad idea to buy on eBay

There are several reasons to not buy on eBay when you do have other choice, like purchasing from merchandiser website, like ours.

First of, eBay charges 10% for every transaction plus listing fee, PayPal fee and a few other fees. Sellers usually include these fees in final price and so do we. Ie. repair service on our website costs £140 where as the same service on eBay cost £160.

eBay makes every effort so you don’t see our contact details, our address, telephone, email etc. These details are in every listing, but less experienced users may find it very difficult to find. Customers contact us via “Contact seller”. If you ask us “what’s your telephone no” these messages get automatically filtered and don’t reach us. If you have purchased our service and then ask us where to send your instrument cluster, we are not allowed to send you our address. If we send you a message saying “You need to read the listing description” (as our address is in the listing description) the message will not get through to you and our eBay account gets automatically restricted. Check below email if you don’t believe:

eBay account restricted
Another problem is that often customers ask us how to remove the instrument cluster in order to send it to us. We would normally send them a link to YouTube video, but via eBay we can’t as this could have been considered as “Offers to sell outside of eBay”.
Sometimes you want to send us a picture to show what is faulty. We receive a picture with resolution of 72x96px:
eBay picture We are supposed to see the warning light on that picture.
We also need to be extremely careful when replying to your eBay message. If we send you a reply but then we want to send you another one, email client automatically inserts your and ours email address in quoted text at the end of the message which is hidden. We can’t see it and if we don’t remember to unhide it and remove that message will not get through to you and we won’t know about it. That causes unnecessary delays.

What are advantages of buying on eBay instead of directly from us? For extra 15-20% of our price and all that hassle you get “a buyer protection”.
None of our thousands of customers ever needed any protection. Check our feedback on eBay in the feedback section – let hundreds of happy customers speak for themselves. eBay: totaltronics (1550Red star icon for Feedback score between 1,000 to 4,999) Google: 155 Google reviews Facebook: 5.0 of 5 stars, 158 reviews

Even if you do need to resolve a problem with dishonest seller you can always do that via PayPal or your credit card issuer or your bank, and you can do that for free. There’s no need to pay eBay 15-20% of product price.