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Is your instrument cluster faulty? Missing LCD pixels or backlight, gauges showing inaccurate values or nothing at all? Or it’s ok but you want it to look better, cooler or more stylish? Look no further! Simply select the make of your car and check our dash pod repair offers.




Whether you are in Warwickshire, West Midlands, Birmingham, Leicester, London or anywhere else in the UK, give us a call, make an appointment and come to Rugby. We will remove your dash, fix it, test it and fit it back in. We will take care of your speedometer in a professional manner and expertise of 30+ years of experience with electronics. You can also send your speedo to us by post and have it repaired same day (e.g. send it on Monday and get it back on Wednesday by 1pm).

Do not bother asking your dealer for a solution, they will offer you a replacement for a ridiculous amount of money! Instead, get in touch with us – we will repair your instrument cluster for a fraction of that price.

Buying a second hand instrument cluster is false economy. Not only will you spend £200-£500 for coding the dash but also the ‘new’ speedo will probably fail the same way sooner or later. Let us fix it and get it guaranteed to work for many years ahead, in fact as many years as a brand new one would or even longer. We only use genuine, brand new replacement parts and that is why we give you a lifetime warranty.

Didn’t find your car or your problem solution? Don’t worry, just contact us using details below or fill in our contact form.




We are a family business. Electronics is what we love doing, not what we must do for a living.

We know you may not be familiar with electronics and that’s why we talk to you in a simple and understandable English instead of engineer-like jargon. Our experienced electronic engineers are highly skilled and truly professional. They talk you through the troubleshooting process in a hassle-free way. They always do their very best to help you.

We value honesty. If we are unable to fix your device (which has never happened), we will explain to you why and give you the best possible advice on what you could do about it.

Don’t rely on our own words – check what our customers say about us on eBay in the feedback section – let hundreds of happy customers speak for themselves. eBay: totaltronics (1464Red star icon for Feedback score between 1,000 to 4,999) Google: 23 Google reviews Facebook: 5.0 of 5 stars, 23 reviews
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