Ford Focus MK2 instrument cluster repair


Full repair service

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A professional repair service for your FORD instrument cluster.

Supported cars:

  • Ford Focus MK2
  • Ford C-Max MK1

Common faults:

  • immobiliser intermittent (PATS)
  • engine fault
  • U0155 fault
  • U1900 code
  • engine won’t start
  • speed limited mode
  • limp mode
  • warning lights flicker
  • needles going up and down or stick
  • complete power failure
  • random messages on LCD display (depending on version): “engine systems fault”, “transmission fault”, “power steering failure”, “acceleration reduced”
  • rear fog lamp indicator intermittent

We can fix all of above faults and many others.

We use only brand new high quality parts to fix your cluster, which we fully test before it’s shipped back to you.
Your mileage reading stays the same so there’s no need for extra coding.
We provide a lifetime warranty.

Turnaround is 1 day if we receive it by 1 pm, which is possible if you send it by Royal Mail Special Delivery for £11. So if you send it on Monday, you’ll receive it on Wednesday by 1 pm.

We also offer a While You Wait repair, which takes about an hour. This is arranged by appointment only. What do you need to do then? Just bring the car and leave it with us. We will take the instrument panel out and fit it back in after repair.

Do not buy second hand instrument cluster, it won’t work in your car. You will spend a lot more money for the cluster, coding and repair as the other one will fail in the same or other way. We fix many clusters from customers who already bought another one and tried to code it with no success.

Please note. If your instrument cluster has been tampered with there is extra charge of £40. Please choose correct option.

Instrument cluster part numbers:

3M5F-10A855-A – 4M5T-10849-DM – 3M5F-10841-A – 3M5T-10849-HJ – 8V4T-10849-KE – 4M5T-10849-BK – 4M5T-10849-BL – 8V4T-10849-HH – 4M5T-10849-KR – 7M5T-10849-FB – 4U7T-10849-KS – 4M5T-10849-DM – 4M5T-10849-FN – and others

Please feel free to call us on 01788 247 470 or email at if you have any questions regarding this dash pod repair service.

Price includes UK shipping.

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